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Welcome to “A Little Something Online Boutique” we hope to help meet your need for retail therapy AND give you an opportunity to support a much loved & needed ministry ~

The Cleveland River of Life Women’s Life Skills Training Center-located in the heart of Cleveland Texas provides free classes in self esteem, bible study, job training & much more to the women and young girls of our community. 

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Skeeter Scent

The American Beauty Berry is an incredible plant, with many beneficial qualities. A compound in the plant called Callicarpenal has natural repellent qualities from biting bugs. The berries their self make an incredible jelly. SkeeterShop.com a site owned and operated by Net Star Services, provides a cosmetic line designed with repellent attributes in mind. They use steam distillation to pull the active ingredients of the Beauty Berry Plant, and use that to make multiple products, and they avoid chemical repellents. 50% of all sales from this site for SkeeterShop.com products are donated to the River of Life.

Beauty Berry Plant

USDA statement on the natural repellent qualities of America Beauty Berry

Mosquito Repellent Native Plant // More Powerful Than DEET (Edible Berries Too) American Beautyberry

Some of the ingredients we use to create this scent


Beauty Berry Plant 18 – 24″ plant

Beauty Berry Seeds 40 count

Skeeter Cream

Skeeter Scent

Skeeter Oil

Skeeter 3